Elena Chirikhina (nee - Sinitskaya) was born in Riga, Latvia in the Russian family of Konstantin Sinitsky, the country's top internal surgeon and Tatiana Sinitskaya, an art history teacher.

Since the very early age Elena has proven to be a multi-talented child. By the age of 3 she was accepted to the reserve of the national gymnastic team. By the age of 10 she has won the Latvian National Chess championship among girls three times. She has also spend 5 years in a ballet school.

In early teens, having read Le Parfum she thought she wanted to become a parfumer (especially given her naturally high sense of smell). At high school she has created her first orange-flavoured parfum, which has won her the first prize at the Latvian National high school Olympics in research projects.

When deciding on the higher education, Elena has changed gears somewhat, having decided to move to parfumerie to pharmacy. She admits that this was a natural move given her father's profession. However, as opposed to that of her father's, Elena's main interest is research in the areas of medical cosmetic products.

Elena spent her third year of study as Erasmus student in Universite Paris XI. On her way back to Riga she made a short stop in London, where, accidentally, she has met Andrey. Apparently, it was this encounter that has considerably extended her stay in the UK in the long run, as Andrey and Elena have gotten married. In October 2009, their first son Yaroslav Andreevich was born in London.

As of now, Elena holds Masters of Pharmacy from Riga Stradins University, which she obtained in 2008 having defended a theses on SPF products. While being in UK, rather as a hobby and an opportunity to learn some real life applicaiton of the costmetic products, she has qualified as Beauty Therapist (Level 3 Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards) from School of Beauty and Make-up and she has also completed a Makeup Artist Masterclass in Academy of Radio Film & TV. She has been recently recognized as a Founding Member of Pharmaceutical Society of the UK.

Elena is also a vivid photographer, with many of her pictures availalbe on her Facebook page. She is fluent in four languages - English, French, Latvian and Russian.